~ The Story of Knicnacs ~

nikhiya_portraitHi, my name is Nikhiya. I am 14 year old. I am the founderpreneur of Knicnacs.

Knicnacs is about giving back, raising lots of money for greater causes, causes that involve supporting initiatives to further the education of children, causes that provide equal opportunities to all children.

Not so long ago I was just another carefree kid, a kid that never seemed to be paying attention to anything, seemingly in my own world.

Then one summer morning things changed. I was at loss of words when I received a thank-you note from our helper’s daughter to whom I had given my old school bag. She was a class four student in a government school. She said it was her first school bag and it made her very happy and eager to go to school. Something as simple as a school bag had made a difference. It struck me that there were innumerable children like her who never owned a school bag. An idea started and in 2015 Bags, Books and Blessings was born. Today, through this initiative, over the last 2 years, we have been supplying basic school stuff like Bags (over 200), Books (over 5000), Uniforms (over 300), Shoes (over 800), Snack-boxes, Water-bottles and Stationary like pens, pencils, color pencils, paint boxes, slates, scissors, files and folders to hundreds of less privileged children studying at various schools.

One thing led to another and we soon realized that the children had bigger problems. They had no access to practical learning as there were no laboratories in their school. They had to go to other schools to access laboratories just a day before exams. Naturally their grades suffered and so did their career prospects. Many of them did pass out of school, but could not cope up with college studies especially sciences which involved laboratory practicals. Most of them then dropped out and even after having completed 12th grade and took up unskilled tasks like car drivers and housekeepers. To fill up this void in our education system we started Yearn to Learn which has taken up the task of setting up Science and Math laboratories in as many schools & colleges as it can support with its funding.

Knicnacs was born out of this need, the need to keep raising funds for these initiatives. At Knicnacs we sell curated products and all the profits of these sales (an entire 100%, not just 5% or 10%, but a full 100%) go to support activities of Bags, Books and Blessings and Yearn to Learn.

And so I urge you to buy our products. Not just for the crazy, quirky, exclusive nature of our stuff, stuff which you won’t find easily with the other giant e-commerce guys, but most importantly for the reason that each time you buy a product, you have also bought a bag or a book or a microscope for a child. Even with the purchase of a small product costing Rs. 400 you may have gifted a few test tubes (1 test tube costs Rs. 18) to a lab in a school somewhere in your neighborhood.

We have had a wonderful journey so far and we have tried to stay true to our core beliefs and to deliver an exceptional experience for our community and consumers. We owe a huge thanks to our consumers for joining us on this awesome journey and we hope that you will continue to be a part of our story.